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Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions

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Everything in the new normal is happening online, whether it’s an office, college, or school. GoPro IT Consultants is becoming a leading supplier of hosted conferencing through IP-based audio and video conferring solutions. We ease your communication with your customers and employees according to technological advancements.

Now, employees prefer to work remotely. The working environment extends to cars, traveling, and even homes rather than desks only. Employees have adopted to use video conferencing, audio conferencing, and mobile devices. 

What is audio conferencing?

Audio conferencing is when two or more individuals use technology at different locations. They make a conference bridge while holding an audio call. Audio conferencing with GoPro IT Consultants is not a traditional phone call because all participants communicate in a central system. Thus, it accomplishes collaboration and communication at the same time. 

We offer audio conferencing services that provide online collaboration. It enhances the value of overall audio conferences. 

Go Pro IT Consultants audio conferencing
Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions

What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing is when two or more individuals use digital platforms for collaboration or communication. It happens to fulfill a common goal appropriately. 

GoPro IT Consultants offers a simple, unified video conferencing solution that makes communication easier. Moreover, it also decreases the chances of having multiple overlapping maintenance, troubleshooting, and simplified applications. Thus, overall it saves energy and time by minimizing the need for training. 

How does video conferencing work?

VoIP powers video conferencing. It makes voice communication on the internet possible. It relies on codecs which are unique algorithms to transfer video or audio signals. Video conferencing is possible on the internet with these three stages:

Data compression (coding)

At this stage, VoIP technology converts video or audio signals to data segments readable on the internet.

Data Transfer

Once coding forms the data packets, the data packets travel to the destination. After they reach their destination, they convert to the original state, i.e., audio or video signals


There is an echo cancellation feature in video conferencing solutions. It eliminates any disturbance or delay in sound during a call. It keeps the audio and video sync.

What are the uses of audio and video conferencing in business?

Effective Communication

Audio and video conferencing help you hear and see the people communicating in the session. It helps the participants see the speaker’s body language, instant responses, and expressions.

Enhanced Productivity

A well-collaborated team can increase productivity as a whole. Audio and video conferencing minimize the time of communicating the steps to accomplish a team-based task.

Reduces the Traveling Cost

Face-to-face business meetings require much time, expense, and travel. But audio and video conferencing save a lot of money and time. 

Training a team at a time

Organizations spend money and time on training programs. Usually, they use traditional ways to train employees, including presentations or classroom sessions. An audio and video conferencing system helps you overcome the problem of accommodating all the employees. Hence, this saves the company’s resources and time. 

Improved Teamwork

In a large team working remotely, effective communication is facilitated through video conferencing. Employees can easily collaborate and share data to accomplish essential objectives and decisions. Therefore, it prompts better internal working conditions. 

What is the best video conferencing service?

The best video conferencing service provides the basic and essential features for your communication. With GoPro IT Consultants, you get the following services which make it the best video conferencing service:

  • Performance reports:

    You get performance reports of presentations. These reports help you identify the issues with the measures to improve it. GoPro IT Consultants also provides software that offers both chat reports and attendance.

  • VoIP

    The best video conferencing service offers VoIP service in a package. It makes switching between video and audio calls quickly in group meetings.

  • Multiple Webcams

    We provide a feature of multiple webcams dynamic for businesses with more remote workers.

  • Device swapping

    One of the best features GoPro IT Consultants offers is the swapping devices feature in the middle of a call without disrupting the meeting.

  • Screen sharing

    The must-have feature of any video conferencing service is screen sharing. It enhances collaboration among participants and teams as in a face-to-face meeting.

  • Call recording

    GoPro IT Consultants document the video call for later streaming. Therefore, members who could not attend the conference can watch the session later.

  • Noise elimination

    This feature blocks or minimize any distracting noise from the call.

  • FTP

    We provide a handy tool for file sharing and transfer for collaboration. GoPro IT Consultants provides an FTP server that facilitates client connection to request files.

video conferencing system and tool, Go Pro IT Consultants

What is a video conferencing system or tool?

There are only a few introductory video conferencing tools in the video conferencing system:

    • Speakers or headphones
    • An audio input device such as microphones
    • A video input device such as a camera
    • High-speed internet broadband or LAN connection 
    • A projector, monitor, or computer screen for video broadcast

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much internet speed do I need for video conferencing?

Standard video conferencing is easily possible at 1Mbps. For HD video conferencing, 6 Mbps and for telecommuting, 5-25 Mbps is sufficient. 

How to use Microsoft teams for video conferencing?

  1. Ensure that you have the proper hardware
  2. Sign up for your account at Microsoft account 
  3. Download the App of Microsoft Teams
  4. Create a Team in the app
  5. Start a video conference

How to connect a video conferencing system?

It needs only a standard network cable to connect to the conferencing system. Connect the conference control device to the display device, which decreases the complexity of installation. 

Which Microsoft cloud service can perform virtual video conferencing?

OneDrive, Skype, Intune, and Azure all perform virtual video conferencing.

Is audio conferencing included in e3?

Yes, the audio phone system and conferencing are included in the e5 license for e1 and e3 licenses. However, there is a need for an add-on license for both audio conferencing and phone systems.

How to use/set up Microsoft teams audio conferencing?

  1. Determine if audio conferencing is enablefor your area
  2. Get the license
  3. Get dialing numbers for conferencing
  4. Get a service number for conferencing bridges
  5. Select the alternate and default language
  6. Set the settings of your conferencing bridge
  7. A lot of phone numbers for meeting leaders
  8. Arrange invitations

What is audio conferencing in zoom?

Zoom is an international platform for communication that connects users. It allows users to communicate through audio and video conferencing, chats, and content sharing. Hosts can record and share meetings for later use. 

How to enable audio conferencing in teams?

To enable audio conferencing on or off, select Edit with the audio conferencing. Then, in the pane, toggle On or Off the audio-conferencing option

How to add audio conferencing to teams?

To add audio conferencing, use the Microsoft Teams admin center. For this, navigate meetings and then select conference bridges. After setting an audio conference bridge, set the toll-free and user toll numbers. Now, you can set up meeting invitations for your users. 

Does e3 include audio conferencing?

The phone system and audio conferencing come with an E5 license; for e3 and e1 licenses, you need to have an add-on license. 

What are audio conferencing services?

An audio-conferencing service allows the participants to stay connected over a conference bridge.


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