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IP CCTV Installation

Our expert can install FHD IP CCTV Cameras along with Perimeter Intruder Protection and 24/7 monitoring

GoPro IT Consultants are professionals that offer CCTV system installation. We help you by installing CCTV throughout the world, in your homes and offices. Hence, we ensure the security of your business with our security system. 

The CCTV installers we offer are comprehensive experts in installing a single camera at one point monitoring to sophisticated package. Thus, you get monitoring of all access points, such as fences and walls, as well as multiple buildings and locations. Moreover, the CCTV systems we integrated provide Automatic Number Place Recognition and Access Control Systems. 

However, if your business requires access to multi-site control from a single monitoring point to barriers, doors, gates, and CCTV, we link them together. Yes, that’s a matter of no issue for our experienced engineers and technicians. 

The contractors based in London can access the latest Perimeter Intruder Protection and suggest certain impediments. Additionally, we advise Security Lighting to be either a standalone deterrent or complement a CCTV installation. 

The CCTV quality we provide is maintained with a simple CCTV maintenance contract with GoPro IT.  We provide all the essential features for proper security at your home and office facility. We take care of the entire process, from installation to surveillance and configuration. 

What is IP CCTV?

IP CCTV is an abbreviation of an Internet Protocol camera. It comprises a simple digital camera like a webcam that receives or transmits data on a local internet network. The video data in the IP CCTV system is sent through an IP network. 

What is IP CCTV Camera
What is an IP CCTV camera system

What is an IP CCTV camera system?

An IP CCTV camera system comprises different devices and items that collaborate. This system includes analytics software, surge protectors, PoE switches, lenses, camera enclosures, and a network video recording system. GoPro Consultants ensures the compatibility of all these devices. You can further connect this system to intercoms or IP access control. 

What are the benefits of getting an IP CCTV camera with GoPro IT Consultants?


We provide IP cameras that use camera tampering or motion detection for event bookmarking


Easily transferable or relocated when needed. They only need an internet connection and power to operate.


Easy to view footage and images throughout the world. It provides easy access from smartphones, tablets, or laptops too. 


Unlimited cameras connected with PoE save extra installation and cabling costs.


Zooming in or recording images and footage at a high resolution. The accuracy of footage is up to 3 M pixels.

How to use static IP for CCTV Cameras?

A static IP address works the same as a Dynamic IP address. However, the static IP addresses do not change for each connection. GoPro IT Consultants permanently provides a static IP address for your network, where the administrator manually assigns the addresses.

Static IP is best suited for those who need online security, it provides some extra protection. Therefore, it is best suited for online security cameras for your businesses. 

GoPro IT configures a static IP address to the camera’s firmware. You can easily assign a static IP address to your IP camera through DHCP reservation at the internet router. Follow the simple procedure listed below, if you want to configure at your end:

How to install an IP CCTV Camera?

  • Install IP Cameras

    Mount the IP CCTV cameras in the bracket. Connect the network cable to the IP camera with PoE. Adjust the position of the camera.

  • Configure Network with IP Cameras

    Camera footage is visible on your monitor screen. Camera settings can be changed according to the requirement.

  • Final Arrangements

    After viewing video footage from the video management system, you can make final arrangements for the focus and view of the IP camera.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between analog and IP CCTV cameras?

IP CCTV is better than analog CCTV. The significant difference between the two types of CCTV cameras is picture clarity. Analog CCTV shows grainy footage and cannot specify the figure of interest in the video. IP CCTV shows better pixelation with high quality. 

How to find the IP address of the CCTV DVR?

  1. Log in as the admin user in the main menu. The default login data is available at the top of the DVR.
  2. In the main menu, select the network option in the setting section. 
  3. It opens a TCP/IP tab where the settings for the IP address are shown.
  4. Click the TCP/IP tab on the left side.
  5. The list displays an IP address and the related Ethernet port name. 

How to find the CCTV camera IP address?

There are three key ways to find the IP addresses of CCTV cameras. 

  1. Find the IP address in the router’s settings
  2. Using an IP scanner from a third-party
  3. Using the IP locator service/software from the manufacturer

How to configure the IP address in the CCTV camera?

Use the command prompt option on the windows PC. The method is listed below:

  1. Go to windows>>command prompt>> program
  2. It opens a console where you need to write “ipconfig” and enter to proceed
  3. The console shows the network scheme
  4. Note the IP address, a user can use to access the IP camera. 

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