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IMAC IT Services

Get help from our 1200+ global field engineers to install, add, move, or change your IT infrastructure.

IMAC services reduce the high cost for organizations when they use expensive IT for routine tasks. GoPro IT Consultants provides businesses with highly experienced and trained technical support globally. We provide professionals and several IT infrastructure services and support tasks.


If you are trying to add or move existing hardware, our IMAC services are here to assist you. Typically, it deals with the configuration of desktop items. It manages your business components by Service request process. Not only this, but we also take care of your networks and servers. 

Our team works to help you with the following:

  • Installing new equipment
  • Safe and secure movement of equipment
  • Upgradation or addition of existing infrastructure
  • Changes to rollouts and existing networks of new equipment
  • Deployments
  • Stack and rack requirements
IMAC IT Services

What is the purpose of IMAC?

Previously, IMAC was created as a working unit for third-party or outsourcing companies. It charges the customers for the requested services only. The companies that outsource their IT services or adopt a managed IT service no longer have their in-house technical staff. These companies adopt a paying model of utility for their IT services. 

Outsourcing service providers, like GoPro IT Consultants, offer IMAC services for their customers. It is an installation to configuration to modification and relocation type service. Companies that spend more time on non-IT business operations do not have time for their IT services. Thus, they opt for IMAC. 

We provide install, move, add, and change (IMAC) services. Thus, we let you change or adopt technology with flexibility. We provide quick and efficient services of:


At the time of installing new infrastructure, we handle hardware installation. It includes all the services such as telephony, monitors, printers, and computer workstation. It functions for:


Relocating is challenging. We provide efficient moving services to help you move your technology to a new location. We also ensure that your equipment is operational after moving. It functions for:


The systems must be regularly upgraded and updated. It helps keep pace with the operational needs of the company. We help your business to add new components and peripherals. Software updating is also a part of this function. It functions for:


GoPro IT Consultants can professionally handle all the replacements and modifications. All these functions relate to the infrastructure and applications of your business. Whether it is a configuration change or setting up a piece of new equipment, the process goes on smoothly. It functions for:

What are the benefits of IMAC?

Global coverage

It offers expert technicians and engineers globally. Particularly helpful for enterprises that do not have trained technical staff.

Reduced Cost

Appropriate skills are available in response to specific work requirements. It reduces the cost of additional skills or full-time engaged engineers. Reduces the need for temporary staff. 

Provision of a full range of IT services

A wide range of expertise and skills from various niches are attainable.

Improved Asset Utilization

Traffic shaping monitors operations on the entire infrastructure. An increasing trend in activity also puts your system under strain. Thus, monitoring traffic levels enhance asset utilization. 

Fast Installation

Whether you are moving or set up, GoPro IT Consultants lets you move faster with more resources. 

Full-time Support

Our professional support is a call away, even if you are from a different time zone. 

Proper Governance and a Secure Environment

Security specialists ensure the configuration of new technology. All the IT parameters are well aligned with your business’s new technical aspects and corporate governance model. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is IMAC?

IMAC means install, move, add and change. It helps you in the adoption of network layout. 

Difference between IMAC and IMACD?

IMAC stands for install, move, add and change and accounts for methods to convey software. IMACD stands for installation, move, add, change and disposal. It accounts for the phase of depreciation methods and standard accounting assets. 

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