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Managed End User Computing (EUC) Services

Optimize Productivity by Transforming the User Experience for your End Users

End-user computing incorporates access of users to enterprise data and applications. Users can use many devices to access virtual desktop infrastructure. It is available either on the cloud or on enterprise premises. EUC offers support to a wide range of clients’ devices. For example, a thin-terminal device, smartphone, tablet, or PC. 


The company’s IT tools should work maximally in the changing business world. The uptime should allow for managing all business operations. GoPro IT Consultants provides end-user support services to assist employees. Thus, employees understand the business systems to fulfill the demands of a business. 

End User Computing (EUC) Services

GoPro IT Consultants engineers proficiently provide direct support for your business. The end-user computing services keep the business needs at the forefront. It is suitable for companies to offer flexibility. We add capacity to your service desk. 


GoPro IT Consultants offers roles and key services for end-user computation.

EUC services comprise the following:

  • Quick on-site conversion
  • Protected remote support abilities
  • Dedicated professionals
  • Quick response time available 24/7 
  • Rebuilding and configuring systems
  • Installing software and hardware
  • Workstation issues
  • Asset tracking
  • Managed desktop services
  • Fixing and setting up printers

What are the main features of end-user computing services offered by GoPro IT Consultants?

Help-desk Teams

GoPro IT Consultants offers help-desk services according to your business needs. Whether you want a sales support team or individual technicians, GoPro IT serves you on-site and remotely. 

On-site Help

GoPro IT provides on-site help to over 50 countries. All you need is to inform the service provider. Next, the professional team will fulfill your needs.

Remote Global coverage

Your business location does not matter. GoPro IT offers end-user deployment to clients in over 50 countries. The professionals provide remote support to keep the business operations going smoothly. 

What are the benefits of end-user computing?

Following are the highlighted benefits of end-user computing deployment:

Centralized Management

Each physical machine needs individual patches and updates or troubleshooting. Such constant upgrades also make the process laborious. End-user computing services resolve these issues with centralized management. 

A centralized location helps install all the operating systems, applications, patches and updates. Moreover, it decreases administrative costs. As a result, the company gets unrivaled agility. 

BYOD Initiatives and Support

The modern workforce requires to Bring Your Device policy. BYOD reduces a lot of burden from the devices for personal and official tasks. EUC provides perfect technology for BYOD initiatives. With EUC, businesses get secure organizational applications and data. 

Maintain End-User Environment

Enterprise data is secure even if an employee loses his device. To enhance the experience, GoPro IT incorporates Power bi desktop deployment. It allows employees to build models, reports and queries. Thus, they stay connected to visualize and transform company data. Moreover, it is easy to maintain business data seamlessly without any issues. 

What are end-user computing problems?

Despite many benefits of using EUC, the challenges hold their importance.


  1. Data centers connect all the users through EUC. Any loss in connectivity will lead to downtime for a huge number of users. 
  2. Regarding user experience, an increase in concurrent users causes poor experience. Large infrastructure is the only solution to avoid this issue. It also helps to adjust an increasing number of users. Downtime leads to user frustration.
  3. More complex means more risk. The complex EUC applications cause more problems in availability, security and performance. For example, the security of data entered in a EUC device.

Risks associated with end-user computing

Following are the associated risks with EUC. 

Risk of unknown

Among the operational risks is spreadsheet use. It is difficult for large businesses to assess the number of existing spreadsheets. The number of spreadsheets used for critical and extracted IT applications is unknown. It requires a full inventory of spreadsheet usage with risk assessment. 

Audit Trail

In any financial process, control and audit change are necessary. It regulates internal governance and compliance. In critical applications, it is critical to manage this risk. It further requires controlling and monitoring changes at the individual level. 

Security Issues

Users can easily exchange unsecured files. The critical spreadsheets are also changeable. It may allow unauthorized users to use confidential and sensitive information. So, it causes more errors in the main spreadsheet. 


Changing EUC ownership enhances the incidence of using poorly documented files. Generally, they are more likely to be improperly handled. It may lead to undetected or unintended errors. 


Spreadsheets may contain errors in formulas. This error changes the logic and links to external data sources of spreadsheets. As a result, the information becomes false or faulty. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

End-user computing is most likely to occur on which types of computers?

End-User computing is mostly occur on Personal computers

What are the responsibilities of an end-user computing provider?

Some key responsibilities of an end-user computing provider are:

  • application deployment
  • antivirus client support
  • incident management

Are end-user computing providers in demand?

Companies always need IT support to handle the computing environment. A service provider gives you applications, tools and methodologies. Thus, you can deal with your business needs.

What is the cost of end-user computing service?

The cost depends on the managed IT service. It adds to the monthly cost of managed IT services per server or workstation. But, it does not cost much compared to the extent of help it offers for your business. 

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