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Unified Communications

Efficient communication is key to the growth and success of every organization

Efficient communication is key to the growth and success of every organization. The methods of communication impact the productivity potential of the team. If you have a new business, starting with strategic execution without effective communication will be a failure.

Go Pro IT consultants provide UC solutions that improve business operations’ efficiency. They also reduce friction to foster real connections with employees. 

What are unified communications?

Unified communications are defined as a standard or structure that incorporates different elements, such as services, hardware, or software. This integration is to enhance communication within the business. Moreover, and extend the nature of data shared and communication devices. 

UC describes phone systems that incorporate many types of communications in one business. Unified communications, or UC integrates many elements. For example, video and audio convergence, IP telephone, instant messaging, or unified messaging.

What Services do you get at Go Pro IT Consultants?

The UC services provided by GoPro IT consultants includes:

  • Voice mail
  • Fax
  • SMS
  • Integrated email. 
  • Assistance in information sharing, 
  • Call control
  • User mobility
  • Location-independent collaboration

UC systems incorporate business-supporting applications and workflows. These applications comprise cloud collaboration tools, intranets, and customer relationship management. 

The primary aim of the UC solution is to increase user experience. It also functions to reduce the costs of communications and support remote employees, reduce hardware costs, and above all, enhance productivity. 

What do you find in a UC solution?

The unified communications infrastructure comprises the following four layers:


It includes voice-enabled routers and gateways that assist in security and administration applications. 

Call control

For example, MiCloud Connect, RingCentral Office, and Cisco Unified Communication 


For example, online meeting interfaces, emergency responders, and call centers. 


For example, video software or IP phones. 

What are the types of UC?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP)

It does not use traditional landlines. Instead, it enables phone call transmission on the internet. Unified communications systems function over converged networks. These networks run video and voice besides conventional applications on the same network

Audio and Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows users to communicate from distinct locations. It makes it easy to converse both for social and business meetings.

IP CCTV installation

It includes a system of IP network CCTV cameras with video recording and a management system. All these cameras connect to the network and use PoE for operations.

What are the Benefits of using ns solutions with GoPro IT consultants?


UC increases the need for new technology. Being updated with all the communications platforms takes a lot of work. It is easier if you select an updated one. These include bug fixes, app features, and security features. 

Collaboration tools

GoPro IT consultants provide unified service. It allows employees to see the online statuses, start conversations, or set meetings. 

Enhanced user experience

Mobility and freedom are both features essential at UC. It considers security features, particularly in the case of remote employees. They work on different devices or networks. GoPro IT consultants streamline all your business communication channels. Thus, it is easy for employees to adopt and manage the communication tools they use daily. 

Comprehensive security

Mobility and freedom are the essential features of UC. We provide security features, mainly when employees work remotely too. GoPro IT consultants ensure communication well with the UC infrastructure. We prioritize transparency and privacy, refined control, and encryption services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People in organizations follow different ways of working. They use various collaboration tools—for example, instant messaging, desktop sharing, mobility, and voice mail. Video and web conferencing or voice calling via IT telephony are further options that GoPro IT consultants provide. 


UC solutions provide integration of these tools to offer user experiences. Such collaborations determine real-time communications from conferencing solutions and phone systems. It also includes business applications. 


In short, a UC manager helps `improve mobility, simplify management and reduce costs. 

What are unified communications as a service (UCaaS)?

The VoIP integrates only voice services. Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) that integrates multichannel capabilities or business applications in an IP system. It functions as a communication hub to let companies organize their UC solution on the cloud. It means that unified communications are a fundamental concept of integrated communications. 


Many unified communications solutions in the online market are UCaaS platforms. The most popular UCaaS platforms are Cisco, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Skype. The open-source unified communications software solutions constitute Bitrix, Elastix, and Druid. 

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