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Managed IT Services

We provide dynamic and responsive Managed IT Services for small and medium businesses (SMBs)

GoPro IT Consultants provides Managed IT services to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with outstanding customer support and the highest quality assurance.


We work closely with our partners regardless of geographical boundaries. Almost all the sectors and industries in South Africa, Central Africa, the Middle East, APAC, EMEA, and the UK.


The most pronounced managed services offered by us are IT support and infrastructure services, firewall services, network services, and network services.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services mean getting the basic IT services to an efficient third-party organization. Numerous IT service providers offer different services, where GoPRO IT Consultants is taking the lead. 

Services offered by the company are varied and range from backup recovery to VoIP solutions, cybersecurity needs, and many more. When organizations are unable to hire strong IT experts or manage their own IT specialists’ team, this is when the GoPro IT Consultants steps in.

GoPro IT Consultants Managed IT Services

Why Choose GoPro IT Consultants for Managed IT Services?

Due to certain reasons, not all enterprises have the resources to train their teams. Especially among small-to-medium-sized companies. To accommodate and compete with the technical requirements of an organization, many businesses seriously search for potential solutions such as Managed IT Services. We are dedicated to providing dynamic and responsive managed IT services while maintaining excellent customer relationships and support.

Managed IT services and Unlimited Possibilities-Get it Now with GOPRO IT Consultants

Over the years, IT has progressed rapidly. It is probably the most vital factor of today’s business. Luckily, IT is something that you can get fully customized for your business growth and marketing. You hire a third-party partner who aligns the organization’s goals with technology.

Our managed IT Services service model is not limited to a single IT Service. We provide a variety of Managed IT Services, including IT support and infrastructure services, firewall services, network services, and network services. Not only this, having our company being part of your business, you get a one-stop solution for all your business IT needs.

You get complete support and hardware maintenance service with GoPro IT Consultants services. We offer access to all IT needs for your business systems. A fully managed IT service with us will provide network and IT infrastructure. We ensure your business objectives’ strategic requirements by optimizing and modifying IT infrastructure. 

Which managed IT services does GoPRO IT Consultant offer?

We offer four types of services. Here is a brief overview of the services we provide. This information will help you select the best one that fulfills your business needs.


The most common four types of managed IT services that you get with us are:

We provide managed IT services

Managed IT support and infrastructure services

With a combination of knowledge, procedure, and technology, an all-in-one package is given in the Managed IT support and infrastructure services.

GoPro IT Consultants provide administration and centralized management of IT networks and systems. Managed IT services obtained through this source improve the reliability and efficiency of your business’s IT infrastructure.

Managed network services

Need a full-time IT staff for your business? GoPro IT Consultants’ Managed Network Services provide a supplementary IT department for an enterprise. These services include help for all the IT professionals in businesses with the updates, monitoring, and support they do not have time for. 

In short, they replace your full-time IT staff. They control all the daily operations of the business with licensed specialists. 

Managed firewall services

Are you looking for a service to protect your business? 


Well, in that case, Managed Firewall Services can be your first choice. GoPro IT Consultants’ firewall service focuses on the firewalls of your business and function to ensure and correct any abnormalities. Managed Firewall Services provide you with the experts to monitor your firewall and ensure no stealing or security breach occurs.

End-user computing (EUC) services

Are you a non-tech-savvy business owner? 

End User Computing (EUC) is the technical term that defines computing environments and platforms that help non-tech savvy or non-programmers to create working applications.

GoPro IT Consultants provide EUC that lets the end-users control and manage their applications without the knowledge of programmers or developers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are the exercise of providing or getting the services of anticipating and maintaining a range of functions or processes from professional technology experts to reduce costs and enhance business security. 

How much do managed IT services cost – are such services Budget-friendly?

You can efficiently make it happen with GoPro IT Consultants. We will help you in data center network architecture as well as structured cabling installation that too is friendly to your pocket. All you need to do is decide what you need, and we will customize it according to your Budget. 

Why invest in Managed IT Services?

These services are highly linked to considerable savings and costs. With managed IT services, the company gets help in controlling continuing expenses while improving the return on investment. 

Why do small businesses need IT-managed services?

Small businesses need to manage IT services to stay productive. They have a low investment in hiring professional consultants. Hiring a managed IT service helps small businesses to keep up with the updated security measures. 

What industries need to manage IT services most?

The following industries need managed IT services the most:

  1. The Healthcare industry to secure patient information
  2. The finance industry to secure personal and sensitive customer data
  3. Higher education to keep compliance with students’ financial information 
  4. Contractor and construction industry 
  5. Hospitality industry

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