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Wireless Site Surveys

Optimize Your Wireless Network

 A wireless site survey is a procedure for testing the strengths of wireless signals at different areas of the office or site. GoPro IT Consultants helps you enhance wireless communication potential with various wireless Site Survey Services. The first step is the most critical, with the initial network survey. A network may be unable to fulfill the future demands of your IT site survey. This is due to the incorrect configuration of the wireless network.

All wireless devices have different service demands. Thus, efficient wireless service can address the specific needs of all devices. We use up-to-date industry techniques and tools at GoPro IT to provide comprehensive documentation. We have a team of experts and knowledge of IT site survey tools to make sure an optimal launch. 

What is a Wireless Site Survey?​

Wireless site surveys can be defined as the process by which you survey the area in which you intend to install or have established a wireless network.


In order to identify potential wireless problems, you would conduct a site survey in order to determine where the signals are strongest and weakest. You would also determine where access points are located or should be located.

Wireless Site Survey

Technologies that GoPro Consultants use for Wireless Site Surveys

Ekahau Wi-Fi Site Survey

GoPro IT consultants have a team of reliable and trusted Ekahau site survey professionals that work globally. The Ekahau Wifi site survey offered by GoPro IT consultants is a simple and effective way to collect data based on the radio frequency of the wireless network. It also identifies any interference or dead zones required to create a solid network.

AirMagnet Site Survey

GoPro IT consultants have a team of reliable and trusted AirMagnet site survey professionals that work globally. We work as a white-label solutions partner for wireless site surveys. It promotes modifications to generate customized reports, validate requirements, and compares surveys and changes in the existing network.

What is included in a Wireless Site Survey?

Outdoor Wireless Survey

Outdoor wireless network surveys have different challenges. GoPro IT delivers the following:

  • Wireless LAN networks
  • Outdoor wireless mesh networks
  • Point-to-multipoint
  • Point-to-point deployment. 

With our specialized experience, skillset, and knowledge, we successfully deploy even the most challenging network project. 

Post Installation Wireless Survey

The post-installation wireless survey verifies the capacity and coverage requirements. It certifies that it is 100% met with the assurance that it is working successfully.     

Health Check Wireless Survey

There is no specific or effective tool to identify and troubleshoot wireless networks. There might be problems like Wi-Fi rogue access points, RF interferences, hidden nodes, and network dropouts. The wireless survey determines the issues and potential improvements for the most outstanding performance gains. 

New Network Wireless Survey

We provide a complete evaluation of wireless signal strength with the RF interferences and noise levels. This information allows you to optimize your wireless deployment and determine the power, antennas, and radio channels. As a result, the excellent performance gain is possible with the correct access point. 

What do you need for a Wireless Site Survey?

The complexity of wireless site surveys relies on the business. Mostly, a small office does not need a wireless site survey service, as it is easy for a single router to reach every system in the office.

Yet, large businesses with large wireless networks benefit from site surveys. Thus, they can maximize their signal strength. Such businesses may include:

What purpose does a Wireless Site Survey serve?

 A severe site survey result brings you the following benefits:

Simpler Repairs and Maintenance

With the survey, repairing and diagnosing the problem is simple. The reference to survey data help in network troubleshooting. If you still have difficulty, you can contact our customer support team.

Quick Customer Support

The downloading and uploading of data is faster. It means that customer response time is done efficiently. Hence, overall customer satisfaction and business improvement. 

Higher productivity

The strong signals give every user the best experience in the building. Moreover, never lagging communication and faster loading page improve staff’s working ability. They can do more work in a limited time. 

How to perform a Wireless Site Survey?

A wireless site survey process is simple as long as the professionals have the tools and knowledge of the job. 

  • Examine Floor Plans

    The survey process is smoother if floor plans and building blueprints are available. If there is none, the fire escape plans serve as a backup. Technicians use floorplans to identify potential obstacles in the wireless signal.

  • Visual Inspection

    Before using a tool, the technicians observe the building according to the floor plan. More signal obstacles, such as non-permanent structures, partitions, and metal racks, are also easily marked during the visual inspection.

  • Assess the Existing Infrastructure

    The building might have an optical fiber network or wired Ethernet. These network types serve as strong wireless networks.

  • Identify Coverage Areas

    The point of a robust wireless signal is detected. Good signal strength is critical in patios, break rooms, hallways, and offices. It also helps technicians in report preparation at the end of the survey.

  • Conducting Survey

    With the completion of preliminary work, the technicians start testing the signal quality, signal strengths, data range, and location points. Technicians may also take physical surveys using the wireless survey software

  • Present a Report

    After completing the surveys, technicians prepare reports that show all the recorded parameters. For example, recommendations on network improvement, areas of signal overlap, and current coverage of wireless. Technicians even help in implementing the recommendations.

  • Make Improvements in the Network

    The technician may improve and install access points based on the survey findings. He keeps on taking quality measurements in the network until he is satisfied.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a site survey in networking?

A site survey network is often called RF or radio frequency survey. It means an analysis of a Wi-Fi network or RF environment. A comprehensive site survey provides information about the following:

  • Encryption protocols
  • Channel and band settings
  • Coverage
  • Network capacity

What is a technical site survey?

A technical site survey is a pre-installation survey. A company conducts it at a location that includes certain aspects. Such as infrastructure, equipment, materials and products, and siting requirements. 

What is a wireless site survey?

A wireless site survey is a procedure for testing the strengths of wireless signals at different stages of business. While finding the network inefficiencies, we also apply and recommend modifications so that it helps you minimize wireless signal interferences. 


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