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Electronic Point of Sale - EPoS

EPOS System Installation and Maintenance to Make Your Business Reliable and Efficient

EPOS or Electronic Point of Sale is now an indispensable tool for every business. It electronically processes sales transactions. Thus, it became a technology choice for all types of businesses. Moreover, with epos electronic summarizing and itemizing of sales is done with accurate recording and receiving of payments. With GoPro Consultants epos services and solutions, you not only raise your sales but also get complete customer information and inventory.

Electronic Point of Sale - EPoS​

GoPro IT consultants work for you to:

Why does your business need EPoS?

What are the key functions of EPoS Systems?​

EPOS works by reading barcodes and then charging the due amount. Epos automatically keeps track of the products’ prices and calculate the sum of prices. Meanwhile, it updates the inventory accordingly.

It is of great benefit to retailers. EPOS has helped retailers by reducing their time spent on counting inventory while putting forward the requests for restocking. Its ease to determine the retailers’ choice reduces the length of time of restocking. Thus, reordering products is a breezy process.

What are the Benefits of EPoS?

How to install and maintain an EPoS system?

GoPro IT Consultants provides an onsite EPOS engineer for your clients’ retail, and the hospitality of leisure business. The engineer will assist you in:

Installing and upgrading your EPoS projects

Fast dispatch to reduce downtime and fix times

Maintaining an SLA according to your clients’ needs

Supplying replacement parts where required

What do you get with GoPro Consultant's EPoS Services?

GoPro Consultants invests its efforts and time to provide the best team of epos-professionals and support engineers. We offer significant maintenance and installation support throughout the world to leisure clubs, restaurants, hotels, retailers and cinemas.


The tracking system we provide can locate an engineer anywhere in the world at any time. Our experts not only identify the issue but also bring their spare parts to resolve your issues. If, in any case, a repair is not possible onsite, the engineers provide a spare sector of your system until your faulty part is under repair in one of the service centers.


We offer multiple packages that suit our clients according to their businesses. Our 24/7 support service is also available on a scheduled visit. The team of experts keeps the backup and works with the slightest disruption. We deal in all types of epos equipment systems that include but are not limited to, Panasonic, Epson ELO, Toshiba and IBM.

How to choose the right EPoS system for your business?

EPOS system is a digital system that electronically rings up business merchandise, maintains critical business operations and makes sales. It uses a combination of software and hardware to perform varied functions in retail businesses.


The choice of an epos system is specific to the requirements of your business. There is a variety of epos software and system options like the variety of computer-based systems.


The size of your customer base and business determines the investment you make for the epos system. The key features of epos systems:

How does an EPoS system work?

EPOS works as a cash register that is associated with a computer. It maintains inventory, processes sales and links to the backend database. This database comprises information on supplier distribution warehouses.


An epos system uses the following components to perform its main functions:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EPOS or electronic point of sale?

EPOS or electronic point of sales is digital coordination that allows businesses to automate critical business functions. Such as, making sales or bringing up merchandise etc. which is staple to small businesses. 

What are an EPOS tills?

It is an electronic touchscreen monitor, tablet or terminal essentially used to process payments or purchases. It is the system where all the checkout functions occur from receipt creation to processing returns.

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