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IT Asset Management

Manage your organization assets by our IT Asset Management Services such as IMAC and ITAD

IT assets are one of the most vital to the IT infrastructure of business operations. IT asset management or ITAM solutions is for anyone using technology in businesses. GoPro IT Consultants provides good IT asset management services. We claim to deliver smooth channels through risk, contractual, inventory and financial management factors. 

What is IT Asset Management?

IT asset management is the end-to-end management and tracking of IT assets. IT assets are all the software and hardware you use in your business operations. For example, servers, computers and operating systems. 

We provide IT asset management by identifying assets through tracking or maintaining them with regular updates or troubleshooting. It also includes the software services used for managing these assets. 


What is IT Asset Management software?

IT asset management software is an integrated software for tracking and managing asset lifecycle. IT asset management software solutions provide organizations with a better IT environment. They enable businesses to track assets in the cloud and on-premises as well. Below, you can find some of the softwares.

What are the types of ITAM?

The two most common types of ITAM services we provide are:


It associates with the monitoring and stocking phases. IMAC means install, move, add and change. It helps you in the adoption of network layout. Besides, you can choose a method to deliver software to your customers or staff. It results in performance optimization and cost reduction. 


ITAD stands for information technology asset disposition. It helps you decommission retired, failed or old IT infrastructure and computer hardware. Thus, you get more secure, protective and legally compliant data. 


Why is IT Asset Management important?

IT asset management is essential because of the following obvious reasons:

Integrated asset inventory/database

Assets stored at different places are difficult to manage. Disorder or inaccuracy may lead to poor or inefficient business decisions. 

Optimized asset use

IT asset management helps reduce cost, minimize waste, mitigate risk, and use resources efficiently. Using ITAM makes it easier for organizations to make informed decisions about resources. 

Compliance with software licensing

ITAM automatically monitors all the installed software. It ensures compliance with all relevant license agreements. Thus, it saves time from third-party audits. 

Informed decision-making

ITAM records all deployments and purchases. Therefore, it improves IT asset-related business processes and purchases

How does ITAM at GoPro Consultants work?

The ITAM process comprises three significant steps:

  • Identification

    It involves the identification of assets with a detailed inventory. It makes it easy to identify and ensure asset redundancy. Hence, it results in greater efficiency.

  • Tracking

    It involves an ITAM system or tools to monitor IT assets. The information for tracking purposes is the inventory data, license and service-level agreements, and financial data.

  • Maintenance

    Lifecycle stage determines the maintenance of IT assets. Maintenance involves replacement, upgrade, and repair.

How to select the best ITAM solution?



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does disposition mean?

It means breaking down policy management into financial return, custody transitioning, data security and policy management. 

What is IT Asset Disposal?

IT asset disposal is also known as IT asset disposition, an IT recycling or disposition service for managing IT assets. 


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