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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Technology plays a huge role no matter what your business type is. Only the right computing services can help you get to the top of your field. Well, it creates a lot of security-related questions. You do not want the new users to harvest your information from your old equipment. 

This is the point where IT asset disposition (ITAD) steps ahead. So, ITAD is a practice of safely disposing of unrequired hardware and other IT equipment. With a good ITAD service, you can securely discard your old equipment. ITAD service provided by GoPro IT Consultants also determines the possibility of recycling or reusing your unrequired equipment. 

GoPro Consultants is a certified IT asset disposition provider specializing in data destruction and electronic recycling. 

What do you get with GoPro IT Consultants?

GoPro IT Consultants solves these issues for your company within your IT budget. We enable you to first refurbish or recycle your equipment. You can even resell your IT units that have left some life cycle. In this way, you can also recover your budget, keeping your IT setup at the cutting edge.

We can assist you to:

  • Environmentally-friendly disposal- we are licensed with Environment Agency WEEE directives.
  • Secure and safe de-racking of your unwanted equipment
  • Magnetic Disk Destruction either offsite or onsite with full certificated destruction
  • Elimination of any offsite equipment

What is the importance of ITAD?

Replacing old with the new

With the growth of the business, new networks and computers are needed. Some of this equipment has a limited life cycle. Others only required regular replacement or upgrading before being disposed of. Rapid cycling of old equipment with more sophisticated ones has made it more crucial to deal with IT asset disposal. 

Environmental concerns and data security

ITAD is a complex process in the world of technology today. The time of merely shredding the hardware in a dump is an old concept. Computing equipment should now be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way so that any harmful compounds, chemicals or heavy metals don’t add to the water supply or soil.

Data privacy regulation

Data privacy regulation has also imposed laws on governments, organizations and companies to only dispose of unused equipment in a specific manner. 

GoPro Consultants is a certified IT asset disposition provider specializing in data destruction and electronic recycling. 

Features of ITAD services provided by GoPro Consultants in details

Following are the ITAD Services of GoPro IT Consultants

Recycling and de-manufacturing

Responsible recycling is one of the most secure commitments that we offer. We follow all the local, State and Federal regulations. All the remaining equipment with no life cycle is de-manufactured or recycled into different commodities. The equipment that holds company data is shredded to destruction before recycling. 


After data sanitization, devices are assessed for their value in secondary markets to gain maximum return. GoPro IT also helps in maximizing asset value. As refurbished, graded and tested for resale in wholesale and retail outlets, devices with better market value. If clients reclaim their devices, we give immediate redeployment.

Data Destruction and Erasure

GoPro IT Consultants ensures secure ITAD service where the confidential data is entirely erased before a device is disposed of. ITAD includes:

    • Complete and onsite data destruction.
    • Physical shredding.
    • Degaussing and sanitization of data. 

Timely auditing and reporting

Onsite auditing at any time during the lifecycle of your devices is possible. Our professionals can record and provide a detailed inventory of your devices. These details include sales price, specifications, asset tags, models, makes, and serial numbers. You can even upload this data to your device management system for inventory accuracy and tracking. 


An ITAD service at GoPro IT uninstalls all your removable devices carefully and disables their network access. Our professionals in ITAD transport, palletize, pack safely and de-install all the devices in the processing facility.

Data center services

We also offer add-ons, shutdowns and consolidation services. GoPro IT provides several common yet important services. Such as:

    • Packing services
    • Cable pulling
    • Logistic services
    • Redeployment
    • The server shut down and decommissioned 
    • Onsite erasure of data
    • Physical inventory 

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