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Data Center Support

Secure and Reliable Services for Your Business Systems

We provide your business with complete hardware maintenance at GoPro IT Consultants to keep your systems updated and running. As our client, you have access to a worldwide network of stocking locations to get all the spare parts your business-critical systems require anywhere in the world.

Data Center Support

It’s easy for your data center systems to face technical problems. Our data center support services provide our clients with the necessary technical support to tackle technological issues.


We have a wide network of expert engineers ready to solve system problems for you. Plus, our response time (a certain number of hours or the time it takes to provide an on-site engineer from when the request was generated) is record-breaking. 


Your business needs are specific and critical. Our expert consultants and field engineers can fulfill these needs with extensive industry-related experience and deep technical knowledge. 


Let our engineers address storage, servers, software, and networking equipment challenges to minimize system incompetence.

GoPro Consultants Datacenter Support Services

Major services in Data Center Support include

Main Features

It doesn’t matter which vendor you choose to create your data center infrastructure. GoPro IT Consultants has robust vendor relationships with all major IT manufacturers worldwide. With us, you will never have to worry about the parts and systems your business needs.

GoPro IT Consultants data center management service allows you to extend your data center’s life cycle far beyond the end dates your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) provided. We know how to derive value from your systems.

We provide global data center management on-site services to more than 50 countries around the world. Our expert engineers are always ready to solve arising technical problems your business may face.

Your physical location doesn’t matter as we provide data center remote monitoring to our clients. Our expert remote team is watching over your network and operations all the time, finding and solving issues before they happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the key management activities of data center?

The typical tasks included in data center management are:

  • Upgrading data center hardware and software/operating systems 
  • Data distribution and storage management (data center asset management)
  • Backup processes 
  • Emergency planning
  • Technical support (data center capacity planning)

What are the 3 main components of a data center infrastructure?

  • Networking equipment
  • Security (firewall or biometric security system)
  • Storage

What is a Colo location?

A carrier hotel or colocation center is a kind of data center where space, equipment, and bandwidth are available to consumers for rental and retail purposes.

How many types of data centers are there?

Typically, there are four types of data centers available. These are:

  • Enterprise data centers (for a single organization for their internal purposes)
  • Colocation data centers 
  • Managed service data centers 
  • Cloud data centers

What are the major components of a data center?

The major components of a data center are equipment and software for IT operations and data storage and apps. These can include:

  • Storage systems
  • Servers
  • Network infrastructure (switches, routers, firewalls, etc.)

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